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Hello Gatsby

September 22, 2017

This is my first official real blog that I care about 😬

I’ll be writing alot more in the future, but for now, here’s an interesting fact - I built this blog with a static site generator that I also happened to grow up eating.

The Gatsby.

A Gatsby is a South African submarine sandwich typically sold as a foot-long sandwich sliced into four portions. It is a popular sandwich in the Western Cape province, with many fast food and takeaway restaurants, stores and food stands purveying them. One large sandwich may be shared among several people. The Gatsby is also sometimes mistakenly referred to by the nickname AK‑47, which is a variant of the sandwich made in Johannesburg, in part due to how it can be held in one’s arm in a similar manner to the firearm.


And if you wanna know more about the static site generator, here you go 👽 🤓 👾

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